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Modifying Trailers For Better Use

Jockey Wheels 101

Jockey Wheels used for a trailer hook-up is a simple mechanical device. It was originally designed to lower or lift a coupling head either on or off a tow ball. It would assist when maneuvering a towed vehicle, trailer, or whatever to and from the towing vehicle. A proper set of jockey wheels will provide maximum nose weight for proper towing. It is important to remember that whichever jockey wheel you choose, it is correctly fitted and sufficient for two key factors. The key factors include the exact nose weight of the trailer being towed and the trailer’s gross weight.

Jockey Wheels

One of the vital things to consider before choosing a jockey wheel is to make sure that it provides a smooth and easy function when winding up or winding down. This is important because it will allow anyone to hook up a vehicle and trailer with the minimum of effort. Select a jockey wheel that comes with a designed handle that is ergonomically engineered. You should find a way to make every work easier.

Before purchasing a jockey wheel, check the outer tube to make sure that it is not damaged. If the tube is damaged by the clamps locking handle, it could possibly cause additional damage when traveling. Ensure that there is a pad between the tube and the locking handle. This important pad will help to spread the load as you tighten the handle and then lock the jockey wheel in place.

If you have never used a jockey wheel to hook up a vehicle and trailer, it is beneficial to make sure that the coupling head is lined up perfectly above the tow ball of the vehicle. Check to see that the coupling head is in the open position before lowering it onto the tow ball. Do not be alarmed if there is a bit of resistance as you position the coupling head and tow ball into its final position.

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