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What Teeth Whitening Methods Can You Try

Do You Want A Pearly White Smile?

Something we all want to have is white teeth and a bright smile. Unfortunately due to some bad habits like smoking, drinking too much coffee, or drinking tea, it may be hard to keep them naturally white. However, there are many ways to whiten them, and here are just some you can try.

If you opt for the easiest solution, which is in-office teeth whitening,
you can visit a dentist crowthorne, and see the results right away. It is a pricier method, however, the results will last you a long time. Before this procedure the doctor will polish your teeth, to remove any plaque, and they will record your current teeth color. Once this is done, and your teeth are clean, a mixed paste will be applied to your teeth. The effect of the paste can be heightened by light or not, depending on the type. This treatment usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes, and it is not painful nor uncomfortable. Another treatment that you can do with the help of your dentist crowthorne is whitening with a gel. Trays are made based on your teeth’ shape and position, and you get a gel that you can take home.

Dentist Crowthorne

You will the trays with it, and leave it on for 30 to 6o minutes, and reapply depending on what results you want to achieve. Aside from this, whitening pastes and strips are available for at-home treatments.

These are some of the commonest and most effective treatments you can try. They are pretty simple, painless, yet give amazing results, which you will be able to see pretty soon.

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